Living in the Nest

“We always say, we feel as if we are living in a bird’s nest, because we are so removed from the excitement – cut off from the hustle and bustle of the city.” This is how the architect and occupier of this apartment describes it. A long strip of windows in the living area makes it clear why, and provides a view of the charming rooftops surrounding the residence.

OHW - Experience

The tour starts at the entrance door. The volunteers will lead you to the top floor in groups. The theme of vision (outlook, perspective, insight) provides the central focus of the tour. Alongside the young residents of the building and the Raumschule architects you will discover what can be seen from inside a “nest”. Children’s tours on Saturday from 1-5pm.

Photos © Annja Krautgasser

Architecture: DI Walter Nemetz, DI Oskar Lorber; conversion: Annja Krautgasser



1100 Vienna, Karmarschgasse 53

Opening hours:

Sun. 1pm - 5pm (+tour for children)


Linie 6: Neilreichgasse

Construction period:

Conversion 2011