Wilhelm Kaserne Bauteil 3

Buildings by architect Walter Stelzhammer stand out due to their cleverly devised floor plans and intelligent interlocking designs that maximize living space. The Wilhelm Kaserne development is no exception, and the three-part structure manifests a host of typologies. The apartments are vertically offset from each other, creating ceiling heights of up to 3.9 meters in some rooms.

OHW - Experience

Groups meet at Vorgartenstrasse 221, on the corner of Sebastian-Kneipp-Gasse. From here we cross the outdoor space to the section containing the Atelier Walter Stelzhammer workshop and visit an apartment. The occupant will welcome us and talk about the project – which she helped to shape in her capacity as an architect. Finally we go up to the rooftop terrace which provides a good overview of the whole complex.

photos © Dieter Henkel

Architecture: Walter Stelzhammer
Client: MIGRA
Structural engineer: Vasko + Partner
Landscape architecture: Anna Detzlhofer


1020 Vienna , Vorgartenstraße 221, corner Sebastian-Kneipp-Gasse

Opening hours:

Sat. 1:00pm - 4:00pm

note: photography is not allowed in apartments


U1, Vorgartenstraße
U2, Messe Prater

Construction period:



Walter Stelzhammer Architekt
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