Peter Blau GmbH

POPPE*PREHAL ARCHITEKTEN created an energy independent building for Peter Blau GmbH in Vienna – a flagship eco project: the intelligent functioning of solar energy, storage of heating and cooling energy in a water pool, and fine-tuning all of the process in a year-long simulation of all operations made it possible.

OHW - Experience

The tour takes in the large warehouse, outside spaces, and offices. Limited parking available on site. Good spot for photographers.

Photos © Dieter Henkel

Architecture: Poppe*Prehal Architekten ZT GmbH
Client: Peter Blau GmbH
Structural engineer: DDr. Bölcskey & Partner ZT KG
Electrotechnology: Adenbeck GmbH
Building physics: DI Dr. Gernot Scherpke
Optimisation System- and controlmanagement: denkstatt & enertec


1230 Vienna, Siebenhirtenstraße 12

Opening hours:

Sat. 10:00am - 5:00pm


S-Bahn S2,S3 & S4, Liesing

Construction period:



Umweltpreis der Stadt Wien


POPPE*PREHAL Architekten
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