14th & 15th SEP. 2019

© Ulrich Aydt


Vienna has a unique architectural history and a wide variety of modern building culture. Art nouveau on one corner and modern architecture right next door. Often enough, we walk by these architectural gems without giving them a second look. It’s no coincidence that Vienna has been voted amongst the most livable cities for decades. Vienna unites tradition and modernity in a singular way. This is why the city has a special appeal for OPEN HOUSE. It’s also why we are bringing the OPEN HOUSE format to Vienna – to show the city from a new, never before seen side. We are rather proud of the fact that Vienna was the first city in the German-speaking world to stage OPEN HOUSE. 

The non-profit association “OPEN HOUSE VIENNA – Architecture for all” exclusively brings the internationally successful format OPEN HOUSE to Austria. OPEN HOUSE VIENNA is a part of OPEN HOUSE WORLDWIDE.

This is what OPEN HOUSE is all about

  • Architecture for all: regardless of age, origin, education, or income.
  • Architecture and building culture in all their diversity: old and new, big and small, residential and commercially used buildings – we present them all, next to each other and without judgement.
  • A look behind the façades: We also show buildings that are usually not easily accessible. We show buildings from all sides.

Visitors can feel first-hand how architecture can contribute to an improved quality of life. They are given a fresh look at familiar things, as well as insight into new ones. OPEN HOUSE VIENNA means architecture you can touch.

Open House Worldwide

OPEN HOUSE started in early 1992 in London. Victoria Thornton, an architect herself, founded Open House as a small non-profit organization with the aim of bringing design and architecture closer to the residents of the city. Open House London is the inventor of the Open House concept.Ten years later, the first OPEN HOUSE took place outside of London, in New York. Meanwhile, this format exists in more than 30 cities worldwide: from Buenos Aires to Rome, Tel Aviv, and Melbourne.


Athen 1.-2.April Barcelona 21.-22.Okt Belfast 28.-29.Okt
Brisbane 7.-8.Okt Buenos Aires 28.-29.Okt Chicago 14.-15.Okt
Cork 29.Sep -1.Okt Dublin 14.-15.Okt Gdynia 27.-28.Mai
Helsinki 19.-21.Mai Jerusalem 26.-28.Okt Lagos 29.-30.April
Limerick 6.-7.Okt Lissabon 23.-24.Sep London 16.-17.Sep
Madrid 30.Sep -1.Okt Melbourne 29.-30.Juli Milan 13.-14.Mai
Monterrey 21.-23.April New York 14-15.Okt Oslo 23.-24.Sep
Perth 11.-12.Nov Porto 1.-2.Juli Prag 13.-14.Mai
Rom 6.-7.Mai Slovenia 21.-23.April Thessaloniki 19.-20.Nov
Tel Aviv 18.-20.Mai Vilnius 22.-23.April Wien 9.-10.Sep
Zürich 30.Sep-1.Okt Stockholm 06.-08.Okt Santiago de Chile 18.-19.März
San Diego 25.-26.Mai Torino 10.-11.Juni Bilbao 23.-24.Sep


Foto: Stozice Sports Hall bei Open House Slovenia.