JAspern, a klima:aktiv (Gold) certified passive house, was the first residential apartment building to go up in Seestadt Aspern. The residents knew what they were getting into from the outset, since they joined forces with the architect to help plan the project. The communal spaces on the ground floor were an important component, reflecting their wish to communicate with the outside world and make a significant contribution to the future life of the neighborhood. All of the buildings at the Seestadt development have been assessed by the Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ÖGNB).

OHW - Experience

The tour stars in the communal space on the ground floor. Next, it is off to the terrace with its impressive views of the Seestadt development. This area is also home to the salon, a small apartment that residents use as a living room and working space. Fritz Öttl, planner and resident, will be on site to discuss the project with you and give you personal, detailed insights.

Photos © Dieter Henkel

Architecture: pos architekten
Client: Baugruppe Jaspern
Structural engineer: Werkraum Ingenieure
Landscape architecture: zwoPK (Philipp Rode, Helge Schier)
Building physics: IBO
Lighting design: Pokorny Lichtarchitektur


1220 Vienna, Hannah-Arendt-Platz 10

Opening hours:

Sun. 2:00pm - 5:00pm


U2, Seestadt

Construction period:



klima:aktiv (Gold)


POS architekten
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