Hut und Stiel

Some read the future from coffee grounds, others show that coffee grounds have a future: as a substrate for edible mushrooms. HUT & STIEL, namely Florian Hofer and Manuel Bornbaum operate a city-farm right in the middle of Vienna – with bags instead of fields, from which oyster mushrooms grow. HUT & STIEL supply numerous restaurants and grocery stores in Vienna with fresh produce and fungal delicatessen like pesto and vegan sausages. For Open House HUT & STIEL open the doors to their production rooms. You will learn more about the challenges of urban mushroom farming and experience all steps of the production process in detail: from the mixture of the substrate through incubation to harvest – and of course get to taste the mushroomy delicacies afterwards.

HUT & STIEL moved from a cellar in the 20th district to their new production site in Aspern. They are now part of the urban farming collective Kleine Stadt Farm, who will also host a Heuriger with organic fish fresh from the grill and a farmers market this weekend.

© Photos: Dieter Henkel


1220 Wien, Naufahrtweg 14


Sa 10 - 17 Uhr
So 10 - 17 Uhr


U2, Donaustadtbrücke und Umstieg Bus 93A, Rallenweg