How to be a volunteer

What is there to do?

Each volunteer is in charge of a certain buildings for one whole day or split into two half days. There are always at least two volunteers at one building at a time to guide the visitors in small groups. Of course we prepare our volunteers for their important responsibilities during the OPEN HOUSE weekend: We offer a short seminar on imparting architectural knowledge. The volunteers receive information on all the buildings and have the chance to meet the owners, residents and/or architects in advance. They show them around their buildings and point out the best routes for the OPEN HOUSE weekend. And they are usually good for insider stories as well.

What do you get?

  • you are a part of an extraordinary project
  • you get in touch with lots of very different people
  • you can try something completely new
  • you can step out of their comfort zone
  • together we celebrate with you an exclusive volunteers - after party

How do I join?

You are at least 18 years of age and enjoy working with people. Then you are the right person for us! Send us an e-mail We are looking forward meeting you and making together an exciting OPEN HOUSE VIENNA 2017 weekend happen (#ohw17)!


Short seminar on how to present architecture

Seminars for first-time OHW Volunteers. The seminar lasts for approx.1,5 hours. You'll hear all you need to know for the OHW - weekend:
How is OPEN HOUSE VIENNA organized?
How do I become part of a building team and how do I get information about this building?
How do I answer frequently asked questions of visitors?
How do I present architecture for others?
In case there are questions left, this is the opportunity to ask us everything. 
Next seminars:
  • Mittwoch 16.August
  • Montag 28.August